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1. Love our game and want to unlock more items?

Please click the items or the characters with a lock, then follow the instructions on your screen, which will show you how much it will cost, then click buy and after you purchase and pay successfully, the items or the characters will be unlocked.

Or you can just unlock the full version of this game, for this will be much cheaper than you unlock them separately, you can find a shopping cart icon on the bottom of the home page, click it then follow the instructions to purchase.

2. Want to save your pictures?

Whenever you make a satisfying picture and want to save it, you can click the menu icon on the top left corner of your screen, and there will be a “camera” button in it, tap the button then choose “photo” under the thumbnail. If it’s your first time to save a picture, please allow the program to access your camera roll.

3. Can’t save your pictures?

If you did all as above but still can’t find the pictures in your Camera Roll, this situation appears because you didn’t allow this app to access your camera roll. You need to change this as followings:
* Open “Settings”
* Select the “Privacy” tab
* In that menu choose the “Photos” section
* Look for the app in the list and toggle the ON/OFF switch to turn it “ON”;
* Back to the game and try again.

4. Sound doesn’t work?

Firstly, please make sure you have turned on the voice of your device and try increasing the volume. If yes, please open this game and try to find the horn icon on the homepage, click it to see whether there is sound or not.

5. Still no sound?

If you are using an Ipad, it’s possible that your side switch is set to lock screen Rotation.
In this case you can control sound volume by:
* Slide up the control center from the bottom of your device
* Drag the scrollbar to control the volume
You can also set the side switch functionality by going to “Settings> General > Use side switch to” and set it to control mute.

6. Want to avoid the unauthorized purchase of your kids?

You can turn off the “In-App Purchase” switch to avoid this situation.
For IOS devices, you can find it in “Settings – General – Restrictions”.
And many Android devices have the same function, you may find it in some menu lists of the ”Settings”, such as “For Parent” and “Restrictions”.

7. Not find what you need?

If the information above doesn’t help you or you have some other problems, please feel free to contact us.