Nail Salon : Nail Designs Nail Spa Games for Girls

Download our nail games and play Nail Salon: Nail Designs & Nail Spa Games for Girls. You can experience what it feels like to have your own beauty salon and give manicure to clients. You can decorate with the best nail art designs in the world! Everyone will be amazed with your nail art designs creation and creativity. If you like fashion games, or play games with beauty salon, makeup, and fashion designer theme, you will love Nail Salon: Nail Designs & Nail Spa Games for Girls.

Why should you play Nail Salon: Nail Design & Nail Spa Games for Girls? Our nail games have top notch graphic design. There are so many features, options, and accessories. They will certainly charm you. If you like a dress up game or try your hand to be a fashion designer or style shopper, you should definitely try our nail games!

● Try your hand at giving the best nail art designs to client
● Colorful nail polishes to choose.
● Various nail shapes.
● Add fashionable accessories.
● Add colorful tattoos.
● Change the backgrounds.
● Add the sparkles.
● Take photos of your creation!
● Be the best makeup artist & manicurist in the world!

1. Choose the hands you want to manicure & decorate with nail polish.
2. Pick the color of your nail polish
3. Give the hands manicure and paint with your chosen nail polish.
4. Decorate with bracelets of your choice to make it more fashionable.
5. Choose the tattoo or other props.
6. Take pictures and share!

Tips: To make your girls look more fashionable, try out different styles like a true style shopper. Aside from giving manicure and nail polish, you can also try to be a fashion designer by trying our different accessories and styles. After all to be a good makeup artist, manicure artist, style shopper, or fashion designer, you need to have really good sense of style and not afraid to try out different things.

☆ So, download our nail games today and play for FREE! ☆